Antique Regency Leather Child ' S Sewing Workbox & Tools English Circa 1820

Original Description:
AntiqueRegency Leather Child's Sewing Workbox & Tools English* Circa 1820 This lovelylittle workbox is carved ofwood andcovered with textured red leather. It sits on four brass feet (back twoshortened) and has brass rosettes decorating the top, front and back(all original). The front has an elaborate key escutcheon. Theinterior has been re-lined with pink paperand itis divided into several sections. Inside there are a variety of tin...ysewing tools, all child sized. There are little steel scissors, 2 5/8"long. In bone* there is a stiletto, crochet hook, needle case, tattingshuttle, 2 spools and 2 silk winders. There is also a packet ofneedles, a sterling silver thimble and the key to the box.  The splendidsterling silver (tested)child's thimble is about an American size 4 (12.5 mm diameter opening).It is tall with a bright cut engraved band and is in greatcondition with noholes or repairs. It was made well before English silversmiths wererequired to fully hallmark small items, but it has a maker's mark. Thelittlesteel scissors have tight blades, intact points and cut paper, butcould use sharpening. All of the bone tools are in nice condition withno chips, cracks ordamage.  Theleather on the box is in excellent condition with no tears or loss.It measures 5 1/2" by 4" by 3" high and the key works well. Similarleather workboxes are shown on p. 31 of Gay Ann Rogers' book An Illustrated History ofNeedlework Tools.  *Theseitems are made of bone from a domestic cow (bovine) and not from anendangeredspecies.

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