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Extremely Rare Cypraea Zoila Platypyga 72. 3 Mm Australia Miocenee

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Reference Number: Avaluer:664334Product Type: Fossils

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    Very Rarely Seen Cypraea Zoila Platypyga 70. 7 Mm Victoria Australia
    Zoila platypyga (McCoy, 1876), 70.7 mm southern Victoria, Australia, now available. Extremely rarely on offer, this superb Middle Miocene species is in excellent condition given its age. This shell is intact, with a hairline crack and the obligatory few blemishes that inevitably occur on a fossil this age. Minor shell fragment inside the aperture (have not attempted to remove it, as I do not want to cause damage) that can be possibly be removed if so desired. Heavy and mature, with superb intact...
    Extremely Rare Cypraea Notoluponia Subpyrulata 26 Mm Australia Miocene
    Notoluponia subpyrulata (Tate, 1890) 26 mm, Victoria, Australia now available. This is an extremely rare species, and most certainly among the rarest of this genus. Frequently misidentified, the real subpyrulata as the piece on offer is very infrequently encountered and missing from the majority of collections. An elongate, elegant Middle Miocene species almost never on offer. In overall very good condition - selected from a prominent private collection. Please examine the photos closely as they...
    Extremely Rare Vintage Faber Castell Tr 3 Calculator
    Extremely RARE Vintage Faber Castell TR 3 Calculator WORKINGMissing Slide Ruler on other sideUsed in excellent conditionNO CRACKS NO HAIRLINE CRACKSTested with adapterNeed to change batteries.The item(s) you see in the photos is what you willreceiveSee all photos for more details and to helpjudge conditionIf there are anyquestions please askI can send only 3 items as combined shipments.CONDITION AS SHOWN ON PICTURES Condition to be expected exactly what can be seen on the pictures added to ...
    Extremely Rare Cypraea Austrocypraea Parallela 17. 5 Mm Australia Miocene
    On offer is an absolutely superb specimen of Austrocypraea parallela (Tate, 1890) 17.5 mm, Victoria, Australia. This is a Middle Miocene piece in extraordinary condition - absolutely exquisite given its considerable age. First time ever offered on SeaGems. Suitable for advanced collection, and very rarely available in any state, let alone in this condition (please examine photos carefully as they provide a crucial and comprehensive component of depicting the condition). Comes with full data. Hap...
    Extremely Rare Eastern Airlines 1:72 Scale Westway Model L1011
    This is the real deal. An extremely rare 1:72 scale model of Eastern's L1011. Over 30" long with a 26" wingspan. Not a knockoff model from the Philippines or China but crafted by an industry respected company who were the best at what they did. I inquired a few years back with Mr. Doug Dunn the MD of Westway about having it restored. Without seeing it live and just seeing the same pics shown here, he estimated they could restore with new livery for 280 pounds plus shipping. Don't take this as a ...
    ☆extremely Rare 1937 D 5 Cent 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel, Au, ☆
    Extremely Rare Ixia Viridiflora | Turquoise Ixia | 3 Bulbs Not Seeds
    Extremely Rare These are not easy to grow but it is well worth the work. One of the most beautiful flowers I grow. The three bulbs in the last picture are the ones for sale. They are flowering size and should flower the first year. Bulbs of this species are rarely offered for sale, and I have very few and always sell out. I can ship internationally but buyer assumes all risk of loss due to customs etc. Any questions just ask.
    Extremely Rare " Ace Novelty " Raaf No. 3 Fighter Squadron Patch. Rare Variant
    This is an Extremely Rare "Ace Novelty" RAAF No.3 Fighter Squadron Patch. RARE VARIANTIt is Guaranteed Original out of an old collection.It does not glow under a Black light.3.50 Domestic Shipping anywhere in the the United States.
    7940 Extreme Rare Real - X 1/72 Initial D Sileighty Mako Satou Tracking Number
    Item descriptionProduct Name : Real-X 172 Initial D Nissan Sileighty Blue Driver Mako SatouConditionUSED Near-Mint condition.Material : Diecast Allour items are 100 authentic. Condition USEDNear-Mint Stand Yes Original Box No Condition table New Brand-NEW Package Opened to check the item condition Factory sealed the case Mint USED Mint , Like A New Pre-owned Minicar is very Beautiful. Near-Mint USED Pre-owned May have very light wear. Excellent USED Pre-owned, signs of use Small scratches only...

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