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Reference Number: Avaluer:4358096

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    Cheyenne Pipe Tomahawk W/beaded Drop
    Up for auction is a Cheyenne indian Pipe Tomahawk with a beaded drop. This piece is 21" long (just the tomahawk not including the drop). The head is 7-14" long by 2-38" wide at the blade. The eye is tear drop shaped and is 1-38" long by 1" wide. It is made out of a gun barrel. Hand Forged. The forge lines can be seen on the blade. The handle is well patinated. It has some tacks near the bottom and top. It has a beaded on trade cloth drop with floral design. It has 2 small quillwork and tinkler...
    Rare Buffalo Head Effigy Pipe Tomahawk W/beaded Drop - Pictured
    Up for auction is a rare Buffalo head Pipe Tomahawk. It is 24-12" long overall. Tacked near the top. The hawk is file branded, drilled once for suspension. It has 16 tacks along the top. A fairly plain handle. The head is one of a kind. Buffalo Head Effigy. Drilled 4 places. 2 for nostrils and 2 for eyes. The head is 11-12" long by 2-12" wide, cut out like horns. Very cool. The eye is a 6 sided eye. The bowl sits 2" above the eye. The bowl measures 78" in diameter. inside of the bowl is about ...
    19th Century Pipe Tomahawk - Sioux Beaded Drop
    Up for auction is a 19th Century Pipe Tomahawk. It comes with a Sioux Beaded Drop. This hawk measures 20-34" long overall. The head is a hand forged head. The head is 6" long. The bowl of the hawk is fauceted. More than likely it is the exterior of the barrel. 8 sided. The bowl comes off the head about 1-34" and the outside of the bowl is just under 1" in diameter. The inside of the bowl is just over 12" in diameter. You can see the inside of the barrel and rifling. The eye is oval. The bit of...
    Sioux Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk W/large Beaded Drop
    Up for auction is a Sioux Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk that has a large beaded drop. The hawk is 22" long overall. It was made from a rifle barrel. There is a forge line in the head as can be seen in the pictures. This hawk has a large 30" drop. This drop at one time had some feathers on it that have been removed. It is beaded on trade cloth. Brain tanned leather. Thread sewn. There are some bells and there are some brass tacks as well. The drop is a triangular drop that is beaded 10-12" of its leng...
    Sioux Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk W/drop - Circa 1860
    Up for auction is a Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk. This hawk is in good conditon. The head is forged. It measures 9" long. The bowl is a rifle barrel. There are tacks near the top and at the bottom. The handle has a very nice patina. The drop on this hawk is a scalp lock that is beaded. The hair is horse hair. The hawk measures 25-34" long overall. It should date in the 1860's. The lock itself, we reattached it to the hawk as the old straps broke. This previously sold on ebay without the drop, but th...
    Tomahawk, Pipe Tomahawk, Club, Spear, Drop
    DROP , For Your TOMAHAWK , SPEAR , CLUB or PIPE TOMAHAWK , it's about 7 in. long . made with old trade beads , tin cones , trade wool , brain tanned deer skin , and a small calico cloth bag . in good condition has a nice old look . please see photos any questions please ask and Thanks for looking THE PIPE TOMAHAWKS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT IN THIS SALE THEY ARE ONLY FOR DISPLAY
    Vintage Large Tomahawk Pipe With Long Beaded Drop
    LARGE VINTAGE TOMAHAWK PIPE WITH LONG BEADED DROP Hefty large tomahawk in SOLID condition.Loaded with details.Cut out blade and fancy end cap.Notched and tacked haft.End of pipe head comes off for cleaning.Large hawkbell.See photos as part of description.It measures 25 12 inches from end to end.The pipe head is 10 14 inches wide.End of the blade is 3 14 inches.Bowl opening measures 34 of an inch wide.It weighs 2 poundsThe drop is 16 12 inches, not including the 8 14 inch leather fringe.Great old...
    Antique 1800 ' S Native American Indian Tomahawk Axe Beaded Drop
    Antique 1800's Native American Indian Tomahawk Axe Beaded Drop. Condition is Used. Very nice piece. Measures 23inches tall not counting drop. Head is 4 14inches long and the bit is 2.5 inches long by 2.5 at its tallest. Very long unique handle with beaded buckskin drop attached to the end. Exact tribe is hard to tell but I would say Great Plains. Money back guarantee within 2 days of arrival. Free Shipping. 3 Day Auction. Serious offers considered.
    Sioux Pipe Tomahawk W/sword Catcher Head
    Up for auction is a 24" long overall Sioux Pipe Tomahawk. The stem appears to be a nice patinated ash that has been drilled for suspension. The head is hand forged, oval eye. It has a sword catcher on the bottom part. The bowl is fauceted from a gun barrel. There is a seam where the harder steel was forged onto the blade. There is a ding on the top of the blade as can be seen in the pictures. The head is 9-12" long by 4" wide at the bit. The eye is oval and the size of the hole is 12" in diame...

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